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Unparalleled visibility into Vulnerabilities 
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Vulnerabilities can compromise the integrity of your software and put your users and your brand at risk. With SCANOSS, you have an Open Source, language-agnostic engine to manage these concerns effectively. Whether your stack includes Python, Java, C++, or more, our platform is designed to support you. Free yourself from vendor lock-in, and customize SCANOSS to meet your specific vulnerability management requirements. 

A New Standard in Vulnerability Management

De-facto Standard

SCANOSS, through its adept integration with a range of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools—both Open Source and proprietary—has solidified its role as an industry benchmark. This widespread embrace equips organizations with a consistent framework to evaluate Open Source, guaranteeing a perspective that resonates with the Open Source community. 

Enhancing Your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) 

SCANOSS isn't just about detecting vulnerabilities; it's about delivering comprehensive insights. If you have an existing SBOM, SCANOSS can decorate it by enriching the document with intricate details, illuminating potential vulnerabilities, and providing actionable recommendations. We don't aim to replace your existing systems but to augment them, ensuring a more fortified software security landscape. 

Transparency Vulnerability Management

SCANOSS offers full transparency in how it identifies vulnerabilities and handles data. We're an Open Source engine, so all our algorithms and data operations are open for inspection. This transparency enables a higher level of confidence in our platform, ensuring you can fully trust your vulnerability management measures. 

Comprehensive Vulnerability Identification

Our engine leverages a database of over 202 million indexed URLs, making it one of the most robust solutions for identifying known vulnerabilities in Open Source code. Whether you're dealing with widely-used languages like JavaScript and C++ or niche ones like Rust, our language-agnostic system can: 

  • Detect known vulnerabilities

  • Identify insecure coding practices

  • Track insecure dependencies

  • Flag AI-generated code with vulnerabilities

Easily Integrate Into Your Workflow 

SCANOSS offers straightforward integration with your development environment and workflows. Choose from API, CLI, SDKs, IDEs, webhooks, or pipeline integration to make managing vulnerabilities a natural part of your workflow. 

Why Choose SCANOSS for Vulnerabilities? 
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SCANOSS can identify vulnerabilities in code written in any language, offering unmatched flexibility in a vulnerability management solution. 

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Leverage our massive database to scan for known and emerging vulnerabilities across your entire codebase.

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De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community.  

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Choose the integration methods that work best for you, from CLI to API to webhooks and more. 

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Full Transparency

No secret algorithms or hidden data handling. Know exactly how your data is processed and your vulnerabilities identified 

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Open Source Customizability

Modify and adapt our platform to suit your needs, taking advantage of your existing vulnerability management machinery. 

Ready to secure your Open Source components? Get Started with SCANOSS and check out our GitHub page! 

For a deeper understanding of how you can customize our engine for your needs, consult our documentation or get in touch with us directly.

Choose SCANOSS for a transparent, adaptable, and thorough approach to vulnerability management, irrespective of your programming language.

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