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Robust Open Source Software Composition Analysis for Embedded Software
Software composition analysis tools for embedded systems

In the embedded software industry, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) comes with its unique set of challenges. With most embedded software written in C or C++, the complexity multiplies. SCANOSS, an Open Source engine and knowledgebase, offers the flexibility to adapt to these specialized needs by being language agnostic. Free yourself from vendor limitations and utilize our customizability to meet the unique demands of ensuring compliance in embedded software. 

The Open Source Edge for Complex Embedded Challenges 

De-facto Standard

By seamlessly integrating with both Open Source and commercial Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platforms, SCANOSS has positioned itself as an industry cornerstone. Its universal adoption allows businesses to scrutinize Open Source, ensuring insights that align with the Open Source community. 

Unbeatable Transparency for Reliability 

In the mission-critical world of embedded systems, transparency is key. SCANOSS provides an unparalleled level of transparency in data operations and detection algorithms. This ensures that you fully understand how and why specific components are flagged, adding an extra layer of reliability to your compliance efforts. 

Precision in a Complex Enviroment

When it comes to embedded software, the typical languages used are C and C++. This increases the complexity of detecting undeclared code. SCANOSS is equipped to identify: 

  • third party code in any language

  • license and copyright

  • encryption for export compliance

  • adherence to security best practices

Our capabilities are designed to meet the heightened challenges of the embedded software world.

Generating and Decorating Existing SBOMs for Embedded Software 

SCANOSS does more than just help generate an SBOM tailored to the embedded ecosystem. Our engine has the capability to ingest existing SBOMs, analyze them, and add a layer of detailed insights, ensuring they are comprehensive and up-to-date: 

• Embedded-Focused Enhancements: Dive deep into the intricacies of embedded software, understanding not just what components are present, but how they interact within an embedded environment.

Layered Insights: By decorating an existing SBOM, SCANOSS provides detailed information on dependencies, potential security issues, and compliance challenges that might be unique to embedded software.

• Holistic Viewpoint: Our decorated SBOMs offer a holistic view, ensuring that software engineers and compliance teams are well-prepared to tackle challenges specific to embedded systems.

With SCANOSS, ensuring that your SBOM is both thorough and specifically tailored to embedded challenges becomes a hassle-free process. 

Comprehensive Bill of Materials
for Embedded Software

Draw upon our expansive database of over 202 million indexed URLs to create a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that leaves no stone unturned. Even in the complex world of embedded software, our SBOM provides a thorough overview of all components, files and snippets, aiding in complete compliance and security. 

Workflows Streamlined Integration in existing

Incorporate SCANOSS into your workflow with minimal effort and maximum effect. Our API, CLI, SDKs, IDE integrations, webhooks, and pipeline capabilities are all optimized for easy integration into the embedded software development lifecycle, tools and workflows.

Why SCANOSS for the Embedded Software Industry? 
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Customizable Solutions

SCANOSS is Open Source and perfectly suited to tackle the unique challenges of SCA in embedded systems. 

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Exhaustive SBOM

Utilize our extensive database for creating a Software Bill of Materials that is both complete and insightful. 

Frame 1964.png

De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community. 

Frame 1965.png

Effortless Integration

Tailor SCANOSS to fit seamlessly into your embedded software development process and compliance workflows. 

Frame 1963.png

Complete Transparency

No hidden algorithms or secret data handling—just transparent operations for trustworthy results.

Frame 1966.png

Targeted Precision

Our capabilities extend to the unique intricacies of C and C++ languages used predominantly in embedded software.

Ready to face the unique SCA challenges of the embedded software industry?
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Choose SCANOSS to navigate the nuanced world of embedded software SCA. With our open source flexibility and specialized capabilities, we're the ideal partner for your industry-specific needs.

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