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Language-Agnostic License Compliance 
Language agnostic sca tool

SCANOSS offers you an Open Source language-agnostic engine for managing all your compliance needs. From Python to JavaScript, from C++ to Ruby—our flexible platform has got you covered. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and tailor SCANOSS to suit your specific compliance requirements, regardless of the language your code is written in. 

Your Flexible Partner in Open Source License Compliance 

De-facto Standard

SCANOSS, with its integration into both Open Source and commercial Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools, has established itself as a de-facto standard. Its widespread adoption offers companies a unified lens to assess Open Source components, ensuring they have the same visibility as the broader Open Source community. 

The Open Source Advantage 

Being Open Source means transparency, open standards and no proprietary implementation of software and/or data. For example, our approach eliminates any concerns about secret hashing or hidden data handling. Naturally, this also means you can adapt our source code to meet your specific requirements. 

Enhancing Your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) 

While SCANOSS is equipped to create detailed SBOMs for your software, we understand that you may already have an SBOM in place. We don't just stop at creating, but also offer the capability to decorate an existing SBOM, enhancing it with richer information, clarity, and actionable insights to ensure better compliance management. Our aim is to complement and enrich your existing processes, not replace them. 

Unmatched Accuracy in Detection 

SCANOSS leverages its vast database of over 200+ million indexed URLs to bring you unparalleled accuracy in identifying both declared and undeclared Open Source components. Our detection capabilities extend to: 

  • Files without license headers

  • Built-in dependencies

  • Stripped headers

  • Plagiarized code

  • AI-generated code containing Open Source

Our language-agnostic approach ensures that no stone remains unturned, making SCANOSS the most accurate compliance solution available.

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow 

SCANOSS is engineered for straightforward integration into any development environment and any workflow. Whether you prefer API or CLI interfaces, or if you're looking for SDKs, IDE, or webhook integration, we offer seamless pipeline integration and make compliance a natural part of your workflow. 

Why Choose SCANOSS for License Compliance? 
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Regardless of your programming language, SCANOSS ensures that all of the open source being used is visible to you   

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De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community. 

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SCANOSS operates with complete transparency, with no hidden algorithms or secretive data handling processes. 

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Comprehensive and Accurate

Our massive database ensures the highest detection accuracy, covering both declared and undeclared Open Source code. 

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Ease of Integration

With a variety of integration options, incorporating SCANOSS into your development process and workflows is simple and effective. 

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Open Source Flexibility

Our open platform makes it easy to integrate into your software development lifecycle and existing systems.

Ready to achieve unparalleled Open Source license compliance? Get Started with SCANOSS by
visiting our GitHub page! 

For further details on customization and how to make the most of our platform, feel free to consult our documentation or get in touch with us directly.

Choose SCANOSS for your Open Source license compliance—a transparent, adaptable, and accurate solution for code written in any language.

Build Your SBOM Today

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If you already have an SBOM and are

ready to start automating, head to

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