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Know the Provenance of your Code 
Know the Provenance of your Code

Knowing the origin of your code is an increasingly essential aspect in today's software landscape. With SCANOSS, an Open Source and language-agnostic engine and knowledgebase, you have the flexibility to meet this requirement head-on. Whether you're dealing with Java, Python, C, C++, or any other programming language, our engine and knowledgebase will provide complete visibility in to the provenance of your code.  

Ensuring Attestation of the Origin of your Code 

De-facto Standard 

SCANOSS, by seamlessly integrating with both Open Source and proprietary Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools, has become a de-facto standard. Its extensive acceptance provides organizations a consistent perspective to evaluate Open Source elements, guaranteeing they maintain the same visibility as the wider Open Source community. 

Beyond Generation: SBOM Enhancement 

SCANOSS doesn't just generate Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs); it takes existing ones and enhances them. If you've already got an SBOM, SCANOSS can decorate it with additional insights, ensuring a holistic and in-depth understanding of your software components. This dual functionality offers unparalleled flexibility in understanding and documenting your software's composition, streamlining compliance and security processes. 

Transparent Methods for Unbeatable Confidence 

In the intricate world of code provenance, transparency is non-negotiable. SCANOSS operates with complete openness, providing you all the details of our algorithms and data operations. We believe in earning your trust through transparency, ensuring you can make informed and confident decisions. 

Pinpoint Accuracy in Provenance Identification

Code provenance is a multifaceted challenge that transcends programming languages. SCANOSS offers meticulous identification capabilities that are language-agnostic, effectively tracking: 

  • Code origins

  • Authorship

  • License changes

  • Origin of Open Source in AI-generated code

Simple yet Effective Integration Options 

SCANOSS is designed for seamless integration with your existing workflows and tools. With our API, CLI, SDKs, IDE integrations, webhooks, and pipeline capabilities, incorporating code provenance management into your multi-language software lifecycle becomes a streamlined process. 

Why Choose SCANOSS for Code Provenance Management?
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Ease of Integration

Effortlessly integrate SCANOSS into your existing multi-language development process, tools and workflows. 

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De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community.  

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Total Transparency

Complete disclosure in our algorithms and data handling ensures your trust is well-placed. 

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Language-Agnostic Flexibility

SCANOSS supports code written in any programming language, providing you unparalleled visibility in a code provenance solution. 

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Precision in Identification

Our language-agnostic capabilities allow for detailed and accurate identification across a variety of programming languages. 

Ready to master the art of code provenance in a multi-language environment? Get Started with SCANOSS by heading to our GitHub page! 

For more on customization and how to adapt our engine to your specific needs, visit our Documentation or get in touch with us directly.

Choose SCANOSS for transparent, adaptable, and meticulous code provenance management, regardless of your programming language. Because understanding your code's journey is critical—no matter what language it speaks.

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