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Motivation and commitment are one of our top priorities. Each one of us are very proud to be part of this team, revolutionizing the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) space with our 100% Open Source platform. We are a small group of engineers who worked at great companies like Apple, IBM and Ericsson. Officially based in Spain, our team is scattered across the globe. The diverse nature of our team, shared distance and time difference somehow blend us all together as a family.


Imagine a world where...

  • SCA tooling is 100% Open Source

  • SBOMs are standardized (comparable, mergeable)

  • OSS inventorying is a standardized industry process

  • M&As due-dilligence includes SBOM validation (no auditing)

We are here because

  • We have over a decade of SCA experience as users & vendors

  • We are frustrated with legacy OSS compliance solutions (or SCA tooling)

  • We completed about three years of independent research and development before launching the SCANOSS Open Source Inventory Engine

  • We embrace Agile-driven, native DevOps support and are 100% Open Source

SCA is broken.
Let’s fix it.
It’s time to reinvent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments.
Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

Ready to facilitate the next wave
of Open Source adoption?

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