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Deep encryption detection for Export Compliance 
Encryption detection

When you're developing software for a global audience, you must ensure export compliance. With SCANOSS, you get an Open Source, language-agnostic solution for all your export compliance needs. From Java to Python, C++ to PHP, we can help you obtain your cryptographic information for ECCN classification, no matter the language your codebase is built on. Our Open Source engine also eliminates vendor lock-in, allowing you to adapt and customize SCANOSS for your specific compliance needs. 

Ensuring Global Compliance with Unmatched Versatility 

De-facto Standard

Through its seamless integration with both Open Source and commercial Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platforms, SCANOSS has emerged as a recognized leader in the field. Its broad adoption gives businesses a harmonized view to scrutinize Open Source, ensuring they possess the same insight as the Open Source community. 

Enhancing Your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) 

SCANOSS goes beyond just detecting potential export compliance issues. If you've generated a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), our platform can decorate it, providing rich insights about encryption used, potential compliance flags, and guidance on addressing these issues. This addition is designed to augment your compliance resources, ensuring a fortified landscape. 

Transparent, Secure, and Open

Full transparency is at the core of our service. There are no hidden algorithms, secret hashes, or mysterious data handling procedures. All our methodologies and operations are Open Source, allowing you to inspect, modify, and better understand how we detect encryption in your code. 

A Rich Repository for Accurate Compliance 

We leverage our vast database, which includes over 202 million indexed URLs, to bring you an exhaustive and accurate system for export compliance. Regardless of the language your code is written in, our language-agnostic engine can: 

  • Detect Open Source that includes encryption

  • Surface encryption in your own code

  • Facilitate secure export practices

Seamless Workflow Integration

SCANOSS is designed for easy integration into your existing workflows. With support for API, CLI, SDKs, IDEs, webhooks, and pipeline integration, we make export compliance a straightforward aspect of your software development and compliance processes. 

Why Choose SCANOSS for Export Compliance? 
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No matter the language your code is written in, SCANOSS will surface encryption in your code 

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Comprehensive and Accurate

Take advantage of our extensive database and custom detection algorithms to ensure that you have the right information to be compliant with export regulations. 

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De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community. 

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Whatever your preferred integration method, SCANOSS fits effortlessly into your existing workflows. 

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Full Transparency

We operate with complete transparency, ensuring you can trust your export compliance processes. 

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Open Source

With our Open Source platform, you're free to adapt and extend SCANOSS to meet your specific needs. 

Ready to take the guesswork out of export compliance? Check out our GitHub page to get started! 

For further insights on how SCANOSS can be customized to your needs, take a peak at our documentation or GitHub page!

Choose SCANOSS for a transparent, flexible, and comprehensive approach to export compliance, irrespective of your programming language.

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