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Secure Coding Best Practices Intelligence 
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Securing your software isn't just about reacting to vulnerabilities; it's about proactively avoiding insecure coding practices that increase your risks in the future. SCANOSS offers a robust platform to help you detect insecure coding practices in known Open Source, irrespective of whether you're coding in Java, Python, C++, or any other language.  

Elevating Security Standards in Software Development 

De-facto Standard

SCANOSS, with its integration into both Open Source and commercial Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools, has established itself as a de-facto standard. Its widespread adoption offers companies a unified lens to assess Open Source components, ensuring they have the same visibility as the broader Open Source community. 

Open Source and Transparent Security Management 

Transparency is a cornerstone of SCANOSS. Being Open Source, we offer you full visibility into how we identify potential security risks and assist in selecting the best Open Source to include in your application. No hidden algorithms, no secretive data handling—everything is out in the open. 

Comprehensive Coding Best Practices with Semgrep 

SCANOSS’ knowledgebase leverages thousands of community Semgrep rules to identify Open Source components and files that do not meeting secure coding best practices. Developers and security professionals can now automatically surface security issues in third party code they are using, with an emphasis on actionable results. 

SBOM Augmentation for Secure Coding

While SCANOSS aids in creating a complete SBOM, we also take pride in our capability to elevate existing SBOMs. By analyzing and decorating them with security-focused insights, we ensure that your SBOM becomes a cornerstone in your proactive defence strategy: 

  • Focused Security Annotations: Gain insights on how each component in your SBOM adheres to security best practices, providing a unique perspective to potential risks.

  • Secure Coding Context: SCANOSS ensures that you get a bird's-eye view on the adherence of components in the SBOM to secure coding practices.

  • Actionable Feedback: Our decorated SBOMs don't just point out potential pitfalls but offer actionable feedback, allowing teams to improve their security posture efficiently.Actionable Feedback:

  • Leverage SCANOSS to ensure that your SBOM is not just a list, but a strategic tool for enhancing software security.

Unrivaled Database for Security Assurance 

Our extensive database of over 202 million indexed URLs enables us to provide you with comprehensive insights into insecure coding practices and potential security risks, helping you implement best practices effectively. With SCANOSS and Semgrep, you can: 

  • Spot insecure coding habits before they become vulnerabilities.

  • Flag problematic third-party dependencies

  • Identify and manage Open Source in AI-generated code that may be susceptible to security risks

Seamless Integration for Continuous Security 

Whether it's through API, CLI, SDKs, IDEs, or webhooks, SCANOSS offers flexible integration options to make the adoption of secure coding best practices a seamless part of your development workflow. 

Why Choose SCANOSS for Code Provenance Management?
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Easy Integration

Choose the method of integration that fits best within your current development environment. 

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De-facto Standard

Make sure your enforcing tool has the same visibility as the Open Source community.

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Full Transparency

We offer complete visibility into how we help you implement secure coding best practices.  

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Open Source Customizability

Feel free to adapt our platform to match your organization's unique best practice and security needs. 

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Semgrep Integration

Benefit from the added layer of secure coding best practice and security analysis that Semgrep provides.

Ready to adopt secure coding best practices effectively?
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For more details on how to make the most out of SCANOSS and Semgrep, check our documentation or get in touch with us directly!

With SCANOSS, you have a reliable, customizable, and comprehensive solution for implementing coding and security best practices.

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