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  • Charles Facey

I have an SBOM… Now what?

So, you’ve generated a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). But what’s next? This is where the true power of SBOMs comes into play – SBOM decoration. 

SBOM Decoration: The Next Step 

SBOM decoration involves enriching your SBOM with essential data layers. Our free tool, the SBOM Workbench, starts you off with the basics – generating an SBOM and adding critical license and vulnerability data. This transforms your SBOM from a static list to a dynamic tool, aiding in compliance and security risk management. 

Beyond the Basics with Advanced Intelligence 

While our free version offers substantial value, the full version of SCANOSS takes SBOM decoration to a new level. With advanced data layers, you get deeper insights into license compliance, security vulnerabilities, export control, adherence to secure coding practices, code quality and more. This expanded intelligence allows for a more nuanced understanding of your software components, leading to a better understanding of your software and make informed decisions. 

Maximising Your SBOM’s Potential

An SBOM enriched with advanced intelligence becomes a cornerstone in your software development lifecycle. It’s not just about identifying what’s in your code; it’s about understanding the implications, risks, and opportunities associated with every file, component or even snippet. With the full version of SCANOSS, you unlock a 360° view of your software ecosystem. 

Generating an SBOM is just the beginning. By decorating it with intelligence from SCANOSS, you elevate your SBOM’s utility, turning it into a powerful asset for your software development and security strategy. For those already using the free SBOM Workbench, consider the additional insights and benefits that come with our paid API. 

To learn more about how you can take your SBOMs and SCA to the next level, book a demo or a quick chat with us here!  

We’d love to hear from you all. 


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