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Gracias for checking out the SCANOSS Booth at the Open Source Summit, Bilbao!
Open Source Summit Bilbao 2023

Dive into SCANOSS's of Open Source risk management and discover solutions tailored for today's evolving software landscape.

As a reminder, here’s a sneak peak into what we do under the banner of “Software Composition Analysis”!

At a high level, we help you to achieve 360° visibility into your Open Source risks. It all starts will the most accurate Software Bill of Materials. And then, perhaps more importantly, we help you to ‘decorate’ any SBOM with actionable intelligence for: 

  • License Compliance

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Export Compliance

  • Code Provenance

  • Secure Coding Practices

  • Risk Management for AI-assisted Development

  • Risk Management for Embedded Development

With SCANOSS you’ll never be sailing blind in terms of your Open Source risks and opportunities.

So, why SCANOSS?

We’re 100% Open Source

So, all our software is open and free. Modify and adapt our platform to suit your internal tools and workflows. There are no hidden algorithms, secret hashes, or mysterious data handling procedures.

Setting a De-Facto Standard

Beyond being Open Source itself, SCANOSS's technology has become a cornerstone in an ecosystem of both commercial and Open Source Software Composition Analysis tools. Our approach has established a de-facto standard, validated and proven in European courts. This has elevated SCANOSS from being merely a tool, to a facilitator of a new era of open, AI-assisted development, where license compliance is an enabler rather than a hurdle.

We’re Language Agnostic

Regardless of your programming language, SCANOSS ensures that all the Open Source is visible to you.

SBOM Generation AND Decoration

We don't stop at creating an SBOM, we also offer the capability to decorate any SBOM that conforms to SPDX or CycloneDX standards, enhancing it with richer information, clarity, and actionable insights.

Undeclared Open Source Detection

Our precision-engine ensures the detection of even the minutest fragments (snippets) of Open Source components. Not just that which is declared in package manifests, for example. We’re even able to detect Open Source in AI-generated code, helping you to stay compliant and risk aware in an AI world.

The MOST Complete Knowledge Base

Yes, the most. SCANOSS leverages its database of over 202 million indexed URLs to bring you vast amounts of intelligence about Open Source components, including:

  • Encryption – for export compliance

  • Licences and copyrights – for license compliance

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Insecure coding practices

  • Dependencies

  • Code provenance

  • ...and more, for 360° visibility into your risks

Easy Integration

Whether through API, CLI, SDKs, IDEs, webhooks, or pipeline integration, we're designed to fit effortlessly into your workflow.

Delve Deeper with SCANOSS

Keen on discovering more? Check out our GitHub page and get started.

If we’ve piqued your interest enough, get in touch with us directly. We’ll get back to you in just hours. Thank you for stopping by SCANOSS and meeting Frankie. We hope you had an insightful experience at the Open Source Summit in picturesque Bilbao!

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