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SCANOSS Quickscan Open Source inventorying engine

What do we do?

We are the first Open Source Inventory engine that provides developers with a very powerful coding-time SBOM function. We help them avoid policy issues before they result in expensive rework, prior to it even becoming visible that they made a mistake

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SCANOSS is different

The world of SCA tooling needs a change. Here’s how we’re doing our part.

Open Source SCA tooling for Developers

In the box

The first Open Source Inventorying engine built specifically for modern development and DevOps teams of all sizes.

Best in class Open Source detection

The biggest Open Source Knowledge Base in the market & advanced AI-driven detection algorithms. SCANOSS helps you automate Open Source component, file and even small snippet detection.

Precise & always ‘live’ SBOM

Instant identification of entire components, files or even small snippets of Open Source code. Developer centric SBOM generation on a live codebase, no more waiting for a snapshot at the end.

Live Open Source Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base is constantly learning about new OSS components or updates of existing components. No updates required, an always on connection to the Open Source community & customer feedback.

Your private data is protected

SCANOSS is 100% Open Source, making the process of extracting fingerprints totally open. Only code fingerprints are sent to our servers for comparison. File names are replaced with numeric identifiers to protect your information.

The biggest Open Source Knowledge Base in the Business


Over a hundred million known OSS components in our Knowledge Base


Billion individual OSS files in our Knowledge Base


Trillion lines of known OSS code in our Knowledge Base


Twenty microseconds is all it takes to scan & identify a file

100% Open Source SCA

We have nothing to hide. The full SCANOSS SCA Platform is available on GitHub.


Whitepaper: Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

It’s time to reinvent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments.

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SCANOSS eBook Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

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