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  • Charles Facey

The Most Complete SBOMs: Unveiling the Unseen with SCANOSS

In the world of software development, creating the most complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is crucial. SCANOSS excels in this by detecting not only declared but also undeclared Open Source. 

Uncovering the Undeclared 

Undeclared Open Source refers to components in your software that haven’t been explicitly acknowledged or documented in the package manifest. These can be fragments or snippets inadvertently included or remnants from previous coding efforts. Or for example if you were to copy code from StackOverflow or ChatGPT.  Their detection is vital because unnoticed third party code can pose security risks, licensing issues, and a host of other issues. 

How SCANOSS Achieves Comprehensive Detection

SCANOSS utilizes advanced snippet and file detection technology, meticulously scanning code to identify these hidden pieces of code. This granularity in detection, and language agnostic approach allows SCANOSS to compile the most comprehensive SBOM, leaving no stone unturned. 

The Power of Complete Insights

Only with a complete SBOM can you gain deep insights into your software’s composition. Because you can’t manage or comply with what you can’t detect or see. This completeness ensures that all aspects of your code, including potential vulnerabilities, technical risks and compliance issues, are visible, allowing for informed decision-making and robust software development. 

SCANOSS’s ability to generate the most complete SBOMs, by revealing both declared and undeclared third party code, sets a new standard in software analysis, offering users a level of insight crucial for today’s complex software environments. The need for this is ever growing now that AI assisted coding has taken the world of software by storm. 

To learn more about how you can generate the most accurate and complete SBOM, check out SCANOSS and book a demo or quick chat with us now! 


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