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  • Charles Facey

Navigating Export Compliance in Software Development

Open Source Foundations in Modern Software 

Most modern software relies heavily on Open Source, forming the backbone of numerous applications and systems. This widespread use brings to the fore the complexities of managing and understanding these components, especially in a global context. 

The International Reach of Software

As software crosses borders, it becomes subject to various international laws and regulations. This global journey of software underscores the need for strict adherence to export compliance, particularly for software containing Open Source elements. 

Encryption Algorithms and Export Restrictions

A significant aspect of this compliance involves understanding the implications of encryption algorithms within Open Source software. These algorithms, often integral to software security, may be subject to stringent export restrictions across different countries. 

The Importance of Visibility

For effective compliance, it’s crucial to have visibility into which specific algorithms are embedded in the Open Source being utilized. This understanding helps in navigating the complex web of export regulations. 

SCANOSS: Facilitating Compliance and Insight 

SCANOSS plays a pivotal role by detecting the Open Source components used in your software and reporting on the encryption algorithms present. This intelligence is instrumental in ECCN classification and streamlining export compliance processes. 

Security Compliance 

The NIST Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) conducts validation tests on cryptographic algorithms that are approved (meaning those that are recommended by NIST and approved according to FIPS) and their specific components. Understanding the cryptographic composition is needed for companies willing to adhere to these security compliance practices. 

Preparing for Quantum Computing 

Additionally, SCANOSS’s insights offer foresight into potential security exposures that may arise with the advancement of quantum computing. This visibility is the first step in adapting to quantum-resistant encryption, preparing your software for future challenges. 

To dive deeper into our export compliance capabilities, check out our export compliance page here!


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