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  • Julian Coccia

SCANOSS Joins the OSPO Alliance: A Step Forward in Democratising Open Source Management

We are excited to announce SCANOSS's membership in the OSPO Alliance, a pioneering initiative started by top European non-profits to champion Open Source software management excellence around the globe. This collaboration embodies our dedication to promoting and simplifying Open Source software engagement.  

By joining the OSPO Alliance, we aim to contribute to creating safer, more secure and compliant Open Source usage for organizations. 

Introducing the OSPO Alliance 

The OSPO Alliance is a collective initiated by European non-profits dedicated to fostering excellence in Open Source software management. It serves as a platform for sharing experiences, tools, and best practices to professionalize Open Source management. The Alliance champions the establishment of Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) in organizations to guide Open Source strategies and ensure readiness, thus supporting the broader adoption and professional management of Open Source software. 

Our Contribution to the OSPO Alliance 

SCANOSS is 100% Free and Open Source, empowering companies of ALL sizes to manage their Open Source Software in line with best practices.  Gone are the high costs that once obstructed understanding your software's composition, finally. Our technology automates management processes and provides actionable intelligence to support best practices, making OSS management more accessible, efficient, and effective for organizations. Our participation underscores our commitment to advancing the professional management of Open Source software and contributing to the OSPO Alliance's mission. 

Why Joining the OSPO Alliance Matters to Us

Our decision to join the OSPO Alliance aligns with our core mission to democratise Software Composition Analysis (“SCA”) tooling and SBOMs. We believe that by collaborating with the OSPO Alliance, we can contribute to a global movement towards more efficient, secure, and sustainable Open Source software practices. This collaboration enables us to be at the forefront of shaping the future of Open Source management and engagement, ensuring it remains an accessible, safe and secure resource for all. 

For more insights into the OSPO Alliance, visit OSPO Alliance here


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