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SBOM Essentials: Enhancing Security and Compliance with SCANOSS

Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) have become increasingly important in today's world of software development, where open source software (OSS) components are extensively used. SBOMs provide vital information about the OSS components used in an application, making them crucial for effective software composition analysis (SCA), license compliance, and security management. In this article, we will discuss what SBOMs are, why they are important, and how SCANOSS can help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of SBOMs by detecting both declared and undeclared components.

What is a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)?

A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a comprehensive inventory of all OSS components used in a software application, including their versions, licenses, and dependencies. It serves as a "recipe" for an application, providing an overview of all the ingredients, allowing developers and organizations to have better visibility and control over their software supply chain.

Why are SBOMs Important?

  • License Compliance: SBOMs help organizations ensure that they comply with the licensing requirements of the OSS components they use. Violating license terms can lead to legal and financial consequences, making it crucial to have accurate information about the licenses associated with each component.

  • Security Management: With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, organizations need to be aware of the potential vulnerabilities in their software supply chain. SBOMs provide information on the OSS components used in an application, allowing organizations to identify and manage any known vulnerabilities.

  • Improved Collaboration: SBOMs can facilitate collaboration between development teams and their supply chain partners by providing a clear understanding of the OSS components used in a project. This information enables better communication and coordination when addressing security, license, or other issues related to OSS components.

  • Regulatory Compliance: In response to growing concerns about software supply chain security, governments and industry groups are increasingly mandating the use of SBOMs. Accurate and comprehensive SBOMs can help organizations meet these regulatory requirements.

How SCANOSS Can Help: Detecting Declared and Undeclared Components

SCANOSS is the first affordable OSS Inventory & Intelligence platform built for modern DevSecOps and supply chains. It delivers 360° visibility and control over OSS security, license, and export risks by creating and maintaining accurate SBOMs.

SCANOSS goes a step further by identifying both declared and undeclared OSS components.

Declared components are those explicitly listed in the source code, while undeclared components are those used but not listed. SCANOSS utilizes advanced techniques to identify these undeclared components, providing a more comprehensive view of the software supply chain and reducing the risk of OSS vulnerabilities going undetected.

By detecting both declared and undeclared components, SCANOSS helps organizations create a more accurate and complete SBOM. This information enables them to better manage license compliance, address security vulnerabilities, improve collaboration, and meet regulatory requirements.


The rising importance of SBOMs in software development highlights the need for accurate and comprehensive information about OSS components used in applications. SCANOSS offers a powerful solution that empowers DevSecOps teams and their supply chain partners to confidently produce secure and compliant code while delivering greater license, security, quality, and provenance visibility. By detecting both declared and undeclared components, SCANOSS enables organizations to create more accurate SBOMs, allowing them to better manage their software supply chain and address the growing challenges of license compliance, security, and regulatory requirements. Head over to to learn how you can produce a complete an accurate SBOM... For free!


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