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  • Julian Coccia

New CI/CD Integration Tool for Improved Software Compliance and Security

We are excited to unveil our latest CI/CD integration solution for 2024: the SCANOSS Azure DevOps (ADO) integration. This tool aims to simplify and enhance the integration of SCANOSS's comprehensive code scanning capabilities into your development processes. 

Azure DevOps: Seamless Integration with Azure Pipelines 

The SCANOSS Code Scan Integration, now accessible on the Azure Visual Studio Marketplace, enables users to easily incorporate advanced code scanning into their Azure Pipelines. This tool is highly effective at identifying "undeclared OSS" and "Copyleft" license breaches, helping developers to effortlessly uphold compliance and security standards. 

Empowering Developers with Cutting-Edge Tools 

This integration solution highlights our dedication to providing developers and organizations with the tools they need to maintain compliance and security without interrupting their current workflows. By enhancing our CI/CD integrations, we enable you to protect your software development lifecycle from potential risks efficiently. 

For more detailed information and to start using these tools, visit our Azure DevOps Listing. Join us in pushing the boundaries of secure and compliant software development. 


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