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Modernize your DevOps organization with 360° visibility on open source risk

Understanding the general “health and welfare” of Open Source in order to limit technical risk has become a new frontier, find out how.

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Risk mitigation that fits an enterprise-sized organization, pursuing scalability

As companies with mature Open Source management practices have largely been able to gain adequate control and visibility of license/IP risks as well as security risks, they have been facing many technical risks:

  • Use of OSS with poor project health: excessively high numbers of issues/bugs, poor project management, missing documentation, lack of responsiveness to questions or issues
  • Poor fitness for purpose: OSS with poor performance, scalability, and stability
  • Use of out-of-date forks of a mainstream project
  • Lack of code stability or API backward compatibility that makes upgrading to address issues difficult

Technical risk, often overseen, can elevate your competitive edge by increasing efficiency in your software development lifecycle. Risk mitigation should identify all types of risk, both declared and undeclared, that fits an enterprise organizational structure.

Declared vs. undeclared code: a huge blind spot

On top of the potential risks besides security, the status quo relies on declared open source components to manage risk. This business practice results in a huge blind spot–the undeclared open source components that cannot easily be identified but present the same risks. Undeclared components include, for example:

  • Hidden plagiarized code
  • Forgotten “old” code
  • C/C++ and similar projects
  • Partial file/component code

Uncover all Open Source Risks with an always-on analysis

Catch security vulnerabilities while coding

  • Avoid insecure code. Detect open source vulnerabilities early

  • Reduce remediation effort

  • Lower the cost of fixing vulnerabilities retroactively

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Limit technical risk by understanding code health

  • Reduce rework. Pick the right open source from the start

  • Avoid dormant project and shrinking ecosystems

  • Deliver the best technical solution

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Identify legal risks in your code

  • Shorten legal approvals. Surface legal issues early

  • Proactively avoid incompatible licences

  • Simplify attribution and export documentation

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Gain 360° visibility on Open Source risk with SCANOSS

SCANOSS has got your back throughout the Software Development Lifecycle. With the 360° Open Source Risk Management, you can identify your code’s risks beyond Security & Legal risks (while developing), for both declared and undeclared open source. It’s easy to get started, and most importantly: developer-friendly.

The result? Code that you and the team can completely trust, high-quality applications that are finished earlier, and development costs that are dramatically lower.

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