Minimize the risk of Open Source, while coding, carefree.

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See how you can eliminate unpleasant surprises with SCANOSS’ 360° Open Source Risk Management:

  • Stay ahead of all OS Risks: embed a 360° view on Open Source Risks early in the development process, to eliminate Security, Technical and Compliance issues
  • Start Left: continuous component identification with an “always-on SBOM”
  • Unburden your DevOps team: stop slowing down your development team. Instead, enable your team to act on the risks while coding

Code freely. Finish Early. Trust completely.

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True 360° Open Source Risk Management should bring all stakeholders together

SCANOSS believes that now is the time to reinvent and democratize Open Source Risk Management with a goal of “starting left”, and focusing on the foundation of it all: the Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM). An SBOM should be “always-on”, and most importantly serving all stakeholders of the use of Open Source.

Discover how you can benefit from 360° Open Source Risk Management for your business & DevOps team.

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