Have you ever wondered why, sadly, none of the SCA tools used to scan for Open-Source code, have embraced Open Source themselves?

SCA (Software Composition Analysis) VENDORS NEED TO CHANGE
Today’s demands for new and innovative products to be out of the door and earning revenue faster than ever before can only be satisfied with increased use and re-use of common Open Source components. That’s why Software Composition Analysis (“SCA”) tools were originally introduced, with the intent of making it easier for people with little knowledge of the code to perform a compliance audit on a snapshot of the software.

However, driven by a crowded marketplace, legacy vendors have spent the past decade adding increasingly diverse features. As well as burdening development organizations with expensive functionality that many don’t need, the ‘black box’ nature of these outdated tools makes them excessively difficult to integrate into modern development processes. And they simply don’t work for agile development. By the time analysis is concluded, development has progressed beyond the scanned snapshot. Identified defects are already costly and time-consuming to resolve. In short, they hinder, rather than help developers and the development process.

In contrast, SCANOSS is an open, configurable engine for Open Source Inventory that was built specifically for developers, empowering them to confidently produce compliant code from the moment they begin writing, while delivering greater license and usage visibility for the broader DevOps team, and their supply chain partners. With its open architecture that is easy to integrate into existing processes and toolchains, SCANOSS transforms software bill of materials (SBOM) creation from ‘write now, audit later’ to an always-on analysis of live code. By freeing developers to focus on writing great code that they and their team can completely trust, applications are finished earlier, quality is consistently higher, and development costs are dramatically lower.

With its innovative ‘Start Left’ approach, a natural evolution of the shift left principle, SCANOSS delivers many advantages for modern DevOps teams, including:

  • Continuous component identification and SBOM
  • Enabling source code compliance at development time
  • Proposing a standard, machine -(and human-) readable dependency declaration
  • Easily integrates with SDLC and common SCA tooling
  • A truly OpenAPI compliant RESTful API
  • Releasing client code as Open Source
  • A high-performance knowledgebase designed for creating a high-fidelity Open Source Inventory

In a world where developers are being pushed to increasingly fast-track new solutions, while dealing with a growing mix of complex applications and approaches, SCANOSS is a welcome relief. Developers can focus on what they do best – creating great applications – while the entire DevOps team benefits from a measurably faster, more successful roll outs of new, revenue-generating products.

Whitepaper: Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

It’s time to reinvent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments.

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