Integrate with the main software repository providers and perform a secure, automated source code compliance check that triggers upon every ‘GIT PUSH’

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Scanoss Webhooks overview

How does it work

Using our Webhook to connect to your software repository

  • The Webhook automatically retrieves changed files

  • Get an Open Source Assets Declaration during file retrieval

  • Both are posted to the Compliance Server for analysis

  • The commit build status is updated automatically, and a new comment is posted with a SCANOSS-badge
  • If an undeclared Open Source asset (file/snippet) is detected, the commit is marked as ‘build failed’ and a ‘failed’-badge is added to the comment

Whitepaper: Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

It’s time to reinvent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments.

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