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Try out what an SBOM looks like with the QuickScan Lite app: scan any given directory for Open Source code, and generate a demo-SBOM.

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What is QuickScan Lite

QuickScan Lite is our demo desktop application that can be used to scan entire directories for Open Source code, and to easily create a preliminary Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

What Knowledge Base is used?

Comparison is made against the Open Source Knowledge Base (OSSKB), provided by SCANOSS. Identification can be done on full files, components, or even fractions of files (snippets).

  • Check out the Open Source Knowledge Base (OSSKB) at

Is my source code being uploaded?

Not at all. QuickScan Lite calculates fingerprints for your code and sends them to the scanner for comparison. These fingerprints cannot be reversed into the source code.

  • Quickscan Lite and the entire SCANOSS platform is Open Source, the source code can be found at our Github

How does it work

Use our QuickScan Lite app to perform your first scan and generate an example SBOM

  • Select a folder by pressing the ‘SCAN’ button, and follow the process until it completes

  • Once finished, you can select the ‘REPORTS’ button to download results in a .csv format

  • You can also download it in machine-readable format (JSON) from the “File –> Scan List’ menu

  • QuickScan Lite will automatically show a simple visualisation that represents the data contained in the scan results

  • – If you click on a segment in the licenses chart, you will be presented with a table containing the list of components where a particular license has been detected. Or, if you click on a severity in the vulnerability chart, you will see the components affected by vulnerabilities with that severity

Whitepaper: The first Open Data OSS Knowledge Base

Let’s be done with the proprietary nature of current SCA Open Source databases, and work towards Open SCA & Standardized SBOM generation.

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Want to get started with SCANOSS?

Check out our Github to gain access to our source-code, scanner and connect to our Open Source OSS Knowledge Base. It’s free, for the OSS community!


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