GITHUB APP is SCANOSS’ Github Marketplace app. It reports the presence of known Open Source Software in your code that is not declared in your oss_assets.json file.

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Github app SCANOSS Open SOurce code scanning

How does it work

Using our GitHub app to continuously scan for open source code

  • Once installed in a GitHub whenever a developer pushes code, performs a scan

  • also performs an initial scan of the entire repository with the first commit to the repository (shown in an issue)

  • The results of every commit scan have two outputs.

  • 1. creates a comment in the commit with the result of the scan

  • 2. sets the build status to ‘failed’ if the scan finds OSS that is not declared in oss_assets.json (else: success)

Declaring OSS components

Once the scan is done, you can declare OSS assets in oss_assets.json

Setting up

The setup page allows you to configure your plan & re-scan repositories

  • You can access this page as part of your purchase. Existing customer? Go here.

Whitepaper: Standardizing Open Source Inventorying

It’s time to reinvent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments.

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